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Toolbox - Anaerobic Digesters

Wisconsin Related


Feasibility Study - Dane County Community Digester

The Dane Community Manure Feasibility Study Committee had feasibility studies prepared on alternatives for livestock manure management  that would:
          Allow the livestock industry to continue to survive in Dane County
          Protect water quality
          Protect open space

The feasibility study and other reports looked at various technologies, nutrient management, economics and financing conditions, the ability to meet environmental and bio-security requirements, ownership and management options and other relevant issues.

The following documents were compiled by Dane County for background information and are at the Dane County Lakes and Watershed website.

Case Studies, Performance Studies, Fact Sheets

Other States and National

Toolbox - Tax Related

Federal - Internal Revenue Service Website for downloading:

    Publications, Forms and Instructions

    IRS Publication 946: How to Depreciate Property
    IRS Form 4562: Depreciation and Amortization
    IRS Instructions for Form 4562
    IRS Form 3468: Investment Credit
    IRS Instructions for Form 3468
    IRS Form 3800: General Business Credit
    IRS Instructions for Form 3800
    IRS Form 8835: Renewable Electricity Production Credit

    Note any requirements to review Alternative Minimum Tax or Tentative Minimum Tax.


Toolbox - Buyback Rates and Advanced Renewable Tariffs

Electric Buy-Back Rates for Biogas Production in Wisconsin