Enrollment Status of WI Utility Voluntary ART Programs - October 2010*


Resource Utility/Coop Tariff Enrollment
Installed Systems
Capacity, kW
Status of
Biogas WEPCO CGS 5 6 2,500   open
  WPL Pgs-ART 1 600 9 systems
8,000 kW
WPL Pgs-6 1 400   closed
  WPSC PG-Biogas 0 0   open
  DPC DG-5 4 1,533   open
  NSPW Art-1 0 0   open
  MGE Pg-3 0 0   open
PV (photovoltaic) WPPI   22 91   open
  MGE Pg-4 94 484 12 systems
49 kW
  WPL Pgs-ART 102 689   full
  WPSC PG-Solar 46 313   full
  WEPCO CGS-PV 144 951 5 systems
49 kW
  DPC DG-5 1 46   open
Wind WEPCO CGS-4 4 260   open
  WPL Pgs-ART 1 50 1 system
68 kW
  NSPW Art-1 0 0   open
  DPC DG-5 3 2,130   open
  MGE Pg-3 1 35   open

*  The enrollment status table does not reflect all renewable energy systems in the respective utility service territories. Not all renewable energy projects utilize their electric utility's ART Program. Some projects negotiate to obtain a favorable rate and special terms, some utilize all energy generated onsite in their own operations (inside the fence generation) and still others are able to use net energy billing (credit at retail rate).

Source: PSCW Status Report, Implementation of Advanced Renewable Tariffs in Wisconsin, Attachment 3

"Distributed Renewable Generation

PSC also released a status report on its investigation into “advanced renewable tariffs,” a term used to describe long term contracts whereby utilities and cooperatives offer to purchase electricity at premium prices from customers who generate electricity from small, renewable systems such as solar panels. Highlights of the status report include:


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