Background & Reference

Wisconsin State Statutes Referencing Renewable Energy Systems 

Citation Authority Says
1.12(3)(b) WI Statutes Favors “all new installed capacity for electric generation in the state be based on renewable energy resources.”
59.694(7.d) WI Statutes County zoning, board of adjustment; powers of board; to grant special exceptions…
60.61(2.i) WI Statutes Town general zoning authority; provide adequate access…


WI Statutes Board of adjustment; powers and duties per 59.694


WI Statutes Authority to restrict systems limited (was renumbered from 66.031)


WI Statutes Solar and wind access permits and definitions (was renumbered from 66.032)


WI Statutes Exempts wind generators, towers, and associated equipment from general property taxes*


WI Statutes Defines “qualified wholesale electric company” as not including those selling less than 95% of power generated or not having a total power production capacity of at least 50 megawatts


WI Statutes Defines “wholesale merchant plant, as defined in s. 196.491 (1)(w), as having a total power production capacity of at least 50 megawatts
79.04(6) & (7) WI Statutes Annual public utility distributions to municipalities and counties for siting alternative energy resource power production plants


WI Statutes All restrictions void on platted land that prevent or unduly restrict the construction and operation…


WI Statutes Renewable energy resource easements

Tax 12.50

Admin. Code:

Property tax exemption for solar and wind energy systems

Orders 05ER-11, 12 & 13 (paper only)


Buy back tariff for utilities in orders dated June 21,
1983 (Net Energy Billing origin - pertains to
renewable generators 20 kW and less in size)

* For larger generators (greater than 50MW aggregated renewable generation, subject to gross receipts tax, see or Chapter 79 State Revenue Sharing -