Small Photovoltaic Toolbox

Toolbox - Fact Sheets, Case Studies and Demonstration Sites

Tool box - Economics

Economic Planning for Commercial Renewable Energy Systems
DSIRE, Federal Incentive Summary
DSIRE, Wisconsin Incentive Summary

Tax Credits and Other Cost Recovery - Federal Tax

IRS Website for downloading: Publications, Forms and Instructions

IRS Publication 946: How to Depreciate Property
IRS Form 4562: Depreciation and Amortization
IRS Instructions for Form 4562
IRS Form 3468: Investment Credit (Solar and Geothermal Business Energy Tax Credit)
IRS Instructions for Form 3468
IRS Form 3800: General Business Credit
IRS Instructions for Form 3800
IRS Form 8835: Renewable Electricity Production Credit

Note any requirements to review Alternative Minimum Tax or Tentative Minimum Tax.

Tool box - Production, Economic and Environmental Analysis

PVWatts (Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory developed PVWATTS to permit non-experts to quickly obtain performance estimates for grid-connected PV systems.)

Quantifying Photovoltaic System Value Benefits by Neils Wolter



This toolbox set was assembled and provided by Niels Wolter. Many of the fact sheets were authored by Niels over many years for publication in other venues.

Although many of the materials are Wisconsin-specific, we hope that this toolbox will be of assistance to anyone planning to install a solar electric system for their own use.

Barn PV Image

Map showing Wisconsin solar installations

Map showing Wisconsin installers